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This morning began with me feeling so groggy that at one point I found myself standing in front of the open refrigerator with a freshly brewed pot of coffee in my hand. Yes, I nearly put the coffee in the fridge. Not an auspicious start to the day.

Then, barely one cup of joe into the morning, I got a call from Kate's teacher asking me to please bring Bonnie the Bunny in for Kate's presentation "as early as possible". I'd asked to schedule this little event for the same day as my Parent-Teacher conference in the hope that I could make one trip to the school and handle both things at once. Instead, I found myself rushing off to Kate's school in the pouring rain, with poor Bonnie damp and freaked out in her carrier. I had to take the bus and then walk the rest of the way in the rain because, uncharacteristically, there was not a Flexcar to be had within 5 miles of my house. I arrived at the school drenched through and feeling a little dizzy and sick from running around in the rain with only coffee on an empty stomach.

I had just enough time to grab a bowl of soup at Geraldine's Counter, bring Bonnie back to the house and turn around and go back to the school for the conference. My clothes had just begun to dry out when it was back out into the rain for me. Happily, Kate's doing ever-better in school (testing as gifted in some areas and only below grade level in one remaining challenge area) and her social and emotional development have finally come around: she's becoming a classroom leader, has tried out for a play, started playing the violin, is reading for fun. What a relief to have such a positive report from her school after our history of struggles!

Kate and I took the bus back home after the conference and were cold and wet once again, though the weather has improved slightly from this morning's torrents. The rain is lighter but strong winds are whipping up. What I really want to do now is curl up in bed and watch some TiVo, but I can't even do that because the upstairs TiVo is currently on the fritz and spontaneously resetting itself every 10 minutes, making it impossible to watch or transfer any of our recorded shows. This TiVo set is only 6 months old, but the current warranty on TiVo boxes is 90 frickin' days! For $50 plus tax (plus a wait time of a couple of weeks) I could ship it in for a replacement (and I probably will) but man, I have to admit that I'm pretty pissy that it only lasted six months (especially since I pre-paid for a year's service!). I can guarantee that I'm not going to be jumping out to buy the new HD boxes TiVo is currently trying to sell me, not with crap reliability and a lame 90-day warranty like this.

So yeah, wet, cold, and TiVo deprived. I'm going to make beer-cheese soup and grilled turkey sandwiches for dinner tonight and crawl under the covers, TiVo or no TiVo.


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Blogger J.D. Says:

Yay, Bonnie! Bunnie stories are my favorite...

Blogger J.D. Says:

Or "bunny stories".


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