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Call for Change

If you're reading from outside the United States, I apologize in advance for the America-centric political post. If you're a dedicated Republican, you probably just want to skip this post because I'm working to oppose your political party and exhorting others to join me. If you're worried about the course the country has stayed on these last six years, if you're sick of the corruption, the shamefully feckless war effort, the state of the national debt and the rampant borrow-and-spend policy, the role of government meddling into the private lives of its citizens, or just disgusted by the number of Republicans under investigation and ready for change, then read on:

MoveOn.org's Call for Change campaign is targeting high-stakes races around the country. All you need is a phone. Got a phone? Then YOU can make a difference.

The people at MoveOn.org Political Action have taken the voter lists from the most important races in the country and found infrequent voters who are likely to vote for Democrats if we can get them to the polls. YOU can do this. Everything you need to participate in Call for Change from the comfort of your own home, in front of your own computer, where you're probably sitting right now is online with a simple tool that makes it easy to call these key voters. MoveOn.org are aiming to make over a million of these turnout calls in the next 5 days. With races being decided by as little as a hundred votes, our participation could make all the difference.

Can you take some time over the next few days to make some calls to unlikely voters? If you're a social sort, you can sign up to bring your cell phone and make calls in with other like-minded volunteers at a Rock the House (and Senate) Phone Party! Are you a busy, introvert like me? Sign up to make calls from home, on your own schedule, at your leisure, as YOU decide you have time.

Wondering if these calls are effective? MoveOn worked with a Yale researcher this spring and tested this program in a primary election where these calls had a huge, measurable impact on voter turnout. Apparently, hearing from real, genuinely motivated people means a lot to potential voters. The winning margin could come from real, person-to-person contact. This is what Markos Moulitsas of DailyKos refers to as People-Powered Politics.

Join in!


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Anonymous Kara Says:


MoveOn won't leave me the hell alone!! I'm already on the lefty side. They call and call and call. I'm kind of sorry I ever signed up on their mailing list...or at least that I gave them my phone number. They should be calling my idiot redneck neighbors, not me. lol

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

As one of those people you told not to read this, I can only add one comment. I'd be the first to agree that there is a lot of rot in the Republican leadership at the moment, and that there should be some housecleaning. Your guys, however, aren't any better. They weren't when they were in power, and given 5-10 years in power now, they would be just as bad.

So, what should we do? Hell, I don't know anymore. Prehaps if we drastically cut the size of the government, it won't have the money of power to corrupt people [as quickly]

Steve N

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Hey Steve! Glad you're still reading, long time no see!

I'm still enough of a youngster that I don't feel too responsible for "my guys" who were in office before this current batch of scoundrels. People will sometimes point out that Politician X was in power and doing shady business 30 years ago, 20 years ago and all I can say to that is: I didn't vote for that guy. :) See, I'm a child. Heh. The people I've actually voted for have pretty clean records, so I still have a little faith in my own good judgment.

All I can do is vote now from the slate of candidates I have access to now, on the issues facing us now. We have to cauterize the festering wound that exists in American government at the moment. I do believe that it's possible to elect a batch of people who will not automatically be corrupt and feckless; I believe those candidates are out there right now and will help us out of this mess we're in.

I won't shy from calling for corrupt Democrats to be tossed out if it comes to that, once we clean house on this current crop of repulsive Republicans. I've got no patience for it; if they're as morally bankrupt as the current batch, they're not on "my" side regardless of whether a (D) or an (R) follow their names.


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