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Fresh on the heels of having my ass kicked by 10-year-olds out on the Olympic Peninsula, the annual Green Ronin Summit has begun. Yesterday was a blur and I almost didn't make it to my own scheduled outings out of sheer exhaustion.

The day began with an international conference call, just to get things off to a start. Then it was driving to pick up one employee who'd stayed over at another employee's house, getting lost on the unfamiliar, winding roads that separate Lake Forest Park from Shoreline. Stopped for lunch, drove Hal back to our place to pick up his things, drove the boys to their hotel, picked up Rob (already at the hotel), drove back to our place where everyone planned to gather before dinner. At this point I took a little break from business-related driving to pick my daughter up from school (as the class had just returned from their jaunt to OPI) and drive her to her dad's. Drove back to Seattle and met the fellas in time for our dinner reservation, where I truly thought I might fall asleep in my plate. Thankfully, I did not and a little meat on swords from the Ipanema Brazilian Grill perked me up.

The team split up in various cars after dinner with plans to reconvene at Acme Bowl (chosen for its location, as it was both close to the guys' hotel and close to the airport for speedy Steve retrieval) for a little bowling and billiards time. In retrospect, I kinda wish I'd gone to the Garage instead, where they wouldn't have hassled Jim about his hat not conforming to their dress code. Ah well, bowling with jackboots, who knew? Bill and I headed back to my vehicle only to find that I'd been locked into the garage, which unbeknownst to me had closed up for the night sometime during the hour and a half I was parked there. After a brief scare, we were eventually released by a security guy who thought nothing of it and made our way to Acme. I got the fellas settled and immediately turned around to head to the airport where Steve, our latest summit arrival, had landed and dragged him back for bowl-o-rama where the games were already in progress. On towards midnight I herded my exhausted and jet-lagged staff back to their hotel and hoped that they were sufficiently tired to sleep the night and not wake up as if they were still on Eastern Time. I judged myself to be too physically tired to make good on my initial plans to make a big breakfast for the team like I did last year, consigning them to the dubious "delights" of a hotel breakfast buffet. Finally, drove back to my house and collapsed.

Of course, with all the arrivals and reservations and whatnot swirling around in my brain, I utterly failed to take photos of any of the food I've indulged in over the last several days. Chris and I had dinner at Umi Sake House, which people have seen before of course, but when Hal arrived in town for our owners' meeting we took him to Shiro Sushi (which I give big thumbs up and will try to review when I have more time), we bought Bill lunch at Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon (and the Crispy Eggplant in Spicy Sauce was as delicious as ever), and we finally got to the Ipanema Grill (which I'd been talking about doing for more than a year, since it moved to its new location and expanded itself). I'll do my penance tonight by remembering to take photos of our dinner at Seattle's exquisite vegetarian restaurant, Carmelita. Aside from picking the guys up at the hotel this morning, I intend to do NO driving until dinner.


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