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Schedule Whining

Don't mind me, I'm just looking at my day planner for the next month and shuddering at how ugly it is.

Rumor has it that Pramas leaves for England on Sunday. I have no confirmation of that at this moment but am proceeding with things as if he is. If true, I expect him to be gone through the 25th, which will leave me holding down the fort both at GRHQ and on the home front.

In addition to my usual efforts on behalf of Green Ronin, I've got a lot on my plate with Kate and her school this fall. Orca is undergoing many changes this year in anticipation of moving to a different building next year. They're also supposedly being expanded from a K-5 school to a K-8 school. This is relevant to us because Kate will continue to go to Orca if it is expanded by next year. Otherwise, we have to choose a middle school for her and my research so far has shown that there are two COMPLETELY SUCKY middle schools here in the South End, both of which on the list of failing schools and are on the verge of having to plan for "alternative governance"...who can send their child into that kind of mess? Ug. Anyway, in addition to the regular PTA meetings, which I feel it is important for me to attend, there is also a separate group meeting to keep on top of the K-8 issues.

In addition to the school closures and K-8 program issues, Orca is also going to a different "camp" this year for their outdoor education. Orca has an environmental education focus and it's one of the things I really value and strongly support about Kate's school. This year the kids get to go out to the Olympic Park Institute, into the rain forest on the Olympic Peninsula. It is a more expensive camp and a longer trip for our students to get there but I have been to OPI before and it is a wonderful facility in a gorgeous area and I couldn't be more thrilled that these kids get to go there. Unfortunately, this has resulted in another set of meetings that I need to attend as the school tries to educate parents and students about what this trip is going to be like, what is expected, what kinds of things need to be packed and so on. And, of course, because it's a hippie school (bless their hearts, they're innocuous most of the time) there's a lot of concern from parents who are wondering if precious Joey is going to be alright if he doesn't have enough choices, of if little Janet is going to be accommodated if she doesn't feel empowered to decline the nature walk, blah blah blah. One parent actually had the gall to ask why the camp would call the parents (when told the discipline policy is that if your kid is screwing up and makes it to the third strike for behavior, they call the parents and on the fourth strike Joey or Janet will be sent home) and other parents' biggest concerns were how often background checks are done on the OPI staff. Holy missing the point, batman!

Were it totally up to me, I'd just head out to OPI with the kids as a parent chaperone and offset some of this hippie dippie bullshit. Unfortunately I also own a small business and it's just not possible to take off. Chris will have been in England for 8 or 9 days, then he's back for two days and it's off to End Game Oakland where he's a guest at their 5th Anniversary celebration. Chris will no sooner be back from that than I would be turning around to go to OPI with Kate.

Even that wouldn't be so bad, but that week runs right up to the annual Green Ronin summit! Once a year we gather the guys here in Seattle to go over plans for the next year of releases, meet face to face outside of a convention atmosphere, and generally do that team bonding stuff that doesn't happen when you don't have an office in which to gather and shoot the breeze around the company water cooler or at the company Beltane picnic. I'm the person who needs to make sure everyone is picked up from the airport, all hotel reservations are squared away, reservations are made for meals out, not to mention that everyone has copies of the agenda, various reports, charts and graphs are made, la la la, fun stuff. Even without Pramas in England and the school pulling at my time for Kate these next two weeks would be busy, busy.

Somewhere in there I've also got Kate's friend Alex staying over for a couple of nights while his parents are out of the country, one wedding and two birthday dinners (on the same night, natch). Hoo boy. I pray this blog won't devolve into nothing but memes between now and Columbus Day!


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