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Not Blogging Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the five year anniversary of the terrorist attacks that are universally now referred to as "9/11". Government and media alike will not let us forget this, as if we could. 9/11 9/11 9/11. We live in a "post-9/11 world" where we are constantly reminded to live in fear of "9/11 happening again". We're treated to supposed entertainment in the form of films that at least attempt to glorify the heroes of the day (such as United Flight 93 and World Trade Center.)

That's one thing, but this fetish that has developed, this intent to relive the day moment by moment as television networks rush to re-broadcast the original coverage of the events of the day (as NBC, FOX, and CNN are all planning to do to some degree) goes disgustingly overboard. CBS was complaining that their actual 9/11 documentary (called 9/11) was being censored because FCC regulations (tightened up to protect the world from the likes of Janet Jackson's breasts) because it captured coarse language. Meanwhile, of course, we have those delightful folks at ABC/Disney who are airing their so-called docudrama Path to 9/11 which has been heavily advertised as "based on the 9/11 commission report" as if it is a factual depiction when it absolutely IS NOT FACTUAL (containing completely made up scenes and attributing them to real world people, businesses, and government agencies). That's okay to show and promote as factual, so long as no one says "Fuck!" Outrageous.

Listen up, you ghouls, I don't need to see the coverage again. I remember the first time. I remember Osama bin Laden. I remember the 9/11 Commission Report, the Patriot Act, Tora Bora, and I also remember Ann Coulter and her ilk feeling so properly patriotic that they think nothing of attacking everyone from responsible media, veterans, lawmakers and even the day's widows and orphans (you know, the people whose lives were most affected outside of the 2,973 actual confirmed victims). 9/11 was a national tragedy that has been compounded day after day for five years. I have not forgotten, I cannot forget and I certainly don't need to be "reminded" through half-baked dramatizations and rebroadcasts of the entire day's horrific images and awful, ignorant speculation about what it all meant.

I will be staying far away from the blogosphere tomorrow and television as well. A pox on everyone attempting to benefit from that horrible day.


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