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In case anyone was wondering...

In case anyone was wondering...
In case anyone was wondering...,
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the lounge was OPEN.

And to think I didn't even post all the most embarrassing photos!

In short, Christine outdid herself with everything she pulled off for this party. I would have to say it was the best party I've ever been to in my adult life. Conspiring with all of Ray's closest friends, she managed to pull off Vegas in Seattle for her husband. There was Elvis, gambling tables, booze, a gorgeous lounge singer, a stand-up comedian, some of Seattle's mega-talented burlesque girls and nearly non-stop karaoke. Oh, and souvenir t-shirts. Every time I looked around I caught people laughing and smiling and enjoying themselves, not to mention showering the guest of honor with love and attention.

I've been excited about this party for weeks and unable to mention the efforts that were underway for it, lest Ray read my blog and we lose the element of surprise. If I don't have too much going on this week I may just write up the saga of our trip to Goldies in search of some celebrity karaoke talent. Meanwhile, the photos of the night will have to suffice.


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Blogger Matt Forbeck Says:

Thanks, Nicole! Those shots are fantastic.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I agree -- the bash was a blast.

And it would be hard not to notice that Ray in his fortieth year is a man very well loved in Frank-Capra's-heart-sized portions by many, many friends, especially his wife.



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