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Cowboys and City Slickers

I have a friend whose husband is a bona fide cowboy. Extreme Home Makeover was shooting near their home and the Amana Society was donating some cattle to a family who lost everything in a home fire almost a year ago. They wanted to film a couple of cowboys driving the cattle into the pens at the family's home. My friend's husband was one of these cowboys.

His account of the shoot was pretty funny. Apparently, lady carpenter Paige Hemmis, she of the pink tool belt, was standing right in the gate hole calling "Here cows, here cows," and preparing to be trampled to death by thousands of pounds of cattle who were about to be driven into the pen. My friend's husband had to yell at her to get out of the damn way (although he's a very mild mannered cowboy and probably didn't actually say damn).

Later, Atlanta boy and Attention Deficit Disorder poster child Ty Pennington wanted to ride my friend's husband's horse. Ty claimed that he had ridden before, but then mounted on the wrong side of the horse, which certainly impressed none of the cowboys. Luckily, the horse was patient and not easily spooked and Ty wasn't tossed on his ass or trampled to death either.

The irony of this whole thing is that my friends can't get any reception for the ABC channel where they live, so they can't actually watch the episode when it airs. So much for his 15 minutes of fame, eh? Several of us have offered to TiVo for them if necessary.


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