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Birthday Fiesta

Ay ay ay! Two weekends, two birthday parties for my two best friends! Happiness abounds.

It was a totally fun, laid back gathering. Great to see lots of Evan and Rona's other friends and family and catch up with some of the usual gang who we haven't seen much of recently for one reason or another. Very fun for me was to catch up with one of my old Encarta team alumni who I hadn't seen in years (at Evan's wedding reception, maybe?) and to realize that I met Evan when Kate was just a baby, younger than his little girl is now, or that his now-young adult friends were barely Kate's age when I met them. Time marches on and all that, yadda yadda. For all of that, Evan is remarkably the same and yet better. He's all the good, sweet, wonderful things he's always been with the added depth and maturity that marriage and fatherhood contribute.

It was a delight to see my Dude of Honor in his native environment, surrounded by loving friends and family.

It's been a lovely couple of weekends.


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