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Anniversary Punk Rock

Pramas is taking me out for a little early anniversary celebrating since he's going to be spending our 5th anniversary at Endgame in Oakland for their 5th anniversary.

So, Kate's having a sleepover with R&C and Chris and I are taking in some punk rock down at the Showbox. It's Rancid, with The Aquabats and pissed off punk rock local boys The Insurgence. Woo!

This reminds me of a funny exchange with a 20-year-old guest at Evan's birthday party last weekend: Evan's toddler was running in circles in the center of the room and I cracked that this was good practice for a future when she was at a show and a circle pit started up. Our 20-year-old friend asked, in a shocked voice, "How do you know about that?" I laughed. I've quite literally been going to shows since before she was born. I guess that makes me officially old now. Fire up the bubble machine and queue up Lawrence Welk, eh?


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Anonymous Dr John K Says:

It doesn't take much to shock 20-year olds, though. Soon after graduating from our alma mater, my wife got a donation soliciation call from the school.

My wife, "I'm not interested in giving. But enjoy your pizza!"

Caller, "How did you know?"

My wife, [thinking] "heh, heh, heh."

P.S. We're big fans of fall weddings ourselves. Happy 5th to you all!


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