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AIDS Walk Tomorrow

It's nearly here. Can I just say off the bat that you guys have been wonderful? When our team started out with our goal of $1000, I wasn't sure what kind of response we were going to get. The support we got was AMAZING. I blew past my personal goal, raised it, blew past it again, raised it again, and you guys helped me blow it out of the water! With your generous support I've raised $827--well past my "pie in the sky" goal of $750 and only $173 shy of the original team goal of $1000!

Joey's Birthday Walkers have raised $7302.01 as of this posting. That's more than SEVEN TIMES what we originally hoped to raise! It is more than $1300 over the challenge the folks at the Lifelong AIDS Alliance challenged us to hit when the realized that our team was getting some serious response. We made the leader board and out of 296 teams walking this year, we're 18th for funds raised (as of $1000 ago) and the #4 non-corporate team. We're in front of QWEST, John L Scott, the Greater Seattle Business Association, and Wells Fargo! Again, this is thanks to the support of our friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances.

Chris was originally scheduled to be leaving for England tomorrow so I've planned all along for Kate to join us on the walk. I've been watching the weather with a worried eye. After a long, dry summer and unseasonably beautiful weather into September, last night's weather report was finally predicting showers. Only for tomorrow. In fact, only for tomorrow morning... during the AIDS Walk. By noon it will be merely mostly cloudy. In the end, Chris's trip was pushed back a week so Kate could stay back at the house with him if the weather is too ugly. I'm hoping that it truly will just be light or scattered showers so she can join me but I want her to have a good time at it and not see the AIDS Walk as an unpleasant thing, so I won't make her walk in the rain or anything. Me? I'll be there rain or shine, in my Team Joey's Birthday t-shirt and party hat. And, as always, if there's anyone who wants to throw in $5 or $10 to the cause, there's still time to hit my DONATION PAGE.


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