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Shitty Day Ends Well

Today was a day full of crap. Tedium. Ridiculousness. Man, I was cranky today.

Today was a day full of dealing with self-proclaimed experts who don't know jack. With people who, though they've screwed up projects for us in the past in BIG ways, want to work with us again. With people who have lots of ideas about what our Next Big Project should be and want to engage us in a dialog about their ideas. With people who don't speak English and don't understand that when they choose Special Global Express Guaranteed Platinum shipping as their shipping option that it adds $50 to their order. With people who think that the Open Game License means that everything we make can be theirs for free, regardless of protections like copyright and trademark laws provide.

Today was also the day Chris and I got together with the visiting Andrew and his local host, for a brief tour of Columbia City, dinner at Jones BBQ, and a couple of pints at the Columbia City Ale House. Amidst good talk, good food, and good drink the sins of the day were washed away and I came home much relaxed and relieved. Seattle may not be Austin, but it does have some good things going for it. It's so nice when people come to visit.

I'm inclined to go to bed this minute and preserve the mood.


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