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GenCon Photo Set

I've put my photos from GenCon up on Flickr. As you can see, we ate pretty well at least one meal a day. The rest of the time it was lattes and power bars for me, but I sure did enjoy dinner.

I have mostly food photos, slightly interrupted with a few photos of the people I enjoyed food with and too few photos of the ENnies (where my camera was turned on and the batteries ran down before I could get many pictures).

Still, it's not all just food porn. Click on the photos to go see the whole set.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

That's like two of the best pics of me, ever. Thanks, Nicole!

Your suddenly photogenic pal,
Christopher McG.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

I just press the button, man. Glad you like how they turned out. That meal with your company was my favorite of the con.


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