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AIDS Walk Update

Our Team Leader sent out this update on our progress for the 20th Anniversary AIDS Walk:

Holy smokes, we not only beat our revised fundraising goal of $2,000, we're well on the way to raising $3,000! As of today, we've raised just over $2,500, so I upped our goal to give us something to aim for. The walk is still three weeks away -- plenty of time to raise another $500.

One of our teammates, Guy Silver, pointed out yesterday that we've made the scrolling roster of top teams on the AIDS Walk home page! Right now, we're the 15th best team in terms of funds raised. (But we all know we're #1 in every other way, right?) To put this in perspective, we've raised more than Team Amazon, more than Team Vulcan, and more than Team Starbucks. And we've raised about 1/8 of what Team Microsoft has -- with a fraction of the number of people. To put it mildly, WE ROCK.

In fact yesterday, the director of this year's walk left a message for me congratulating us on our extreme awesomeness. He has buttons and T-shirts and things to support our efforts, and I'll letcha know more about that as soon as I get a hold of him. He says we've raised an impressive amount considering how far out we still are from the walk. Yay, us!

That's right, folks, our little team has raised more money than Team Amazon and Team Starbucks! Power to the people! Because I'm a competitive person (and what better reason than being competitive for charity), I've raised my personal goal as well. I'm trying to personally raise at least $500 of that new $3000 team goal. Fifteenth best team in Seattle? Screw that, let's aim higher!

If you'd like to contribute just click on over to my DONATION PAGE. Thanks everyone!


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