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10-Days to AIDS Walk

We're 10 days away from the Northwest AIDS Walk and I'm so excited. When we originally started this team, our goal was to raise $1000 and my personal goal was to raise $250. Our team is now up to 17 people and we've raised our goal twice since then! As a team we've raised over $4000 (Jenny herself has raised over $1000, the original team goal!) and I've personally raised over $500. I've been just astounded by everyone's generosity and willingness to give.

Our team has been contacted by the Executive Director of the Lifelong AIDS Alliance. Apparently people are talking about us. We've made the scrolling list of top teams, for a while we had raised more than Team Starbucks and those corporate teams are wondering who the heck "Joey's Birthday Walkers" are. We're currently neck and neck with the John L Scott team and ahead of Team Amazon.com and Team Planned Parenthood. Go us!

Anyway, I'm really glad I decided to just go ahead and do this thing. As it turns out, Chris is going to be in England for a short-notice business trip when this is happening, so Kate's going to do the walk with me, too. I've upped my goal to a "shoot for the stars" amount of $750, but even if I don't raise another dollar I feel really good about what we've helped contribute already.

Of course if anyone wants to sponsor me, there's still time:


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