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Umi Sake House

Ray and Christine took us out to Umi Sake House in Belltown last night for a belated celebration of Mr. P's birthday. Umi is the latest creation of Steven Han (former owner of both Wasabi Bistro and the now defunct Bada, which Umi replaces). It boasts an incredible menu of both traditional sushi and cooked dishes, plus a shockingly deep sake list.

Both Ray and Jess had been to Umi recently and raved about the sake options, so we were eager to try them for ourselves. Umi sells sake by the bottle as other restaurants sell wine. We tried a smooth, sweet bottle first and then moved into a second, drier bottle. Both were great, very subtle and smooth.

It's always interesting to go to a place like this with Ray because his seafood allergy makes it a challenge. It never stops him from joining any number of his seafood-loving friends because there's usually something he a can eat no matter where we go, but Ray's been particularly won over by Umi because they have a fairly large selection of both vegetable sushi and cooked vegetable dishes (such as the mushroom bake that was heavenly).

Speaking of heavenly, after dinner we wandered down to the Can Can (aka Bachelorette Party Central... we saw five bachelorette parties come through Friday night and two large ones took up half the place last night) to take in The Heavenly Spies' Cabaret show.

The Cabaret show is different than the usual spy-themed burlesque show. Last night Agent Cha Cha Cha was missing, but they added the fantastic Ultra (all sorts of buff and crazy athletic... the things he did in those heels! And when he whipped his shorts off like a slingshot where they landed perfectly on the banister next to the frightened-looking table beside ours: priceless!), a singer, a pair of dancing sisters, and a comedian who expertly pulled off two sets of Bill Hicks-style ranting about working at Starbucks and political vitriol. Holy crap! After the show we closed out the place and chatted for a while with the comedian (Chris Maslen) and the Spies' "Mr. E" (David Goldstein) who, I kid you not, had earlier in the evening been doing Hamlet in Issaquah. They're going to be doing Hamlet as part of the Outdoor Theater Festival next weekend in Volunteer Park. I'm totally going.


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