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This is not a Gaming Blog!

Look, I've tried to be polite about this. I have links up to my archive of posts, I have a profile that explains exactly what I'm about. This is my PERSONAL blog. If you're lurking around here hoping to hear my latest thoughts on games, a recap of our weekly roleplaying sessions, what games I'm planning to buy at GenCon, or other such game-a-riffic content, you're going to be sadly disappointed. I don't write about that stuff and I have never claimed that I would. In fact, I have periodically reminded people that I do not intend to have that stuff here. (And while I'm being all specific, I guess I should say that I don't post the details of my sex life, either.)

Why? Because that shit bores the hell out of me. I avoid reading about games I wasn't a part of if I can at all help it, because it's BORING. Oh, I know you think your game is really interesting, but it's dull as toast to me. I don't care what level your fighter is at or how tough the displacer beast you fought was. Don't tell me about your character! I'm not interested in mot play by plays of other people's games. The fun is in the playing. Even when I was in my 20s and roleplayed three times a week sometimes I did not talk about gaming in the time that I wasn't actually physically gaming. I'm certainly not going to start now.

This is where I explore everything else in the world. My family reads this blog. My dear and distant friends read this blog. Industry colleagues read this blog with the understanding that I want to talk about things other than games with them. Don't like that content? Don't read along! I won't be offended.

Are we clear? No deep, philosophical game design ponderings here. No revelations of secrets, no screen captures of my WoW character, no strategic builds of new powers, no plots, no new monsters, and definitely no play by play recaps of our games.


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Blogger J.D. Says:

I have a level 12 paladin. He's half storm-giant, half drow. What sort of sword should he have? I'm thinking vorpal blade, but my friend says no. Peace.

Blogger J.D. Says:

So, I just noticed that on your livejournal, you have like *eighteen* comments on this entry. WTF? Do you just keep this version of the blog for me? Should I be moving over to your livejournal side of things?


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