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Chris, Kate and I went to see Superman at the Cinerama together last night. The number of people (from adults down to little kids in Superman pjs) who came to the show emblazoned with Superman logos was impressive. Yay geeks!

Chris and I were wondering what kinds of previews we could expect before the show. We saw a preview for Spiderman 3 (a year off still), M. Night Shyamalan's latest "something spooky is happening" offering, and the trailer for Snakes on a Plane. I've seen the trailer for Snakes on a Plane twice now, so when it started up I was eager to see how the rest of the audience responded. The audience was totally into it. Cheering and clapping at the preview. I've resolved to go out to see Snakes on a Plane as soon as it's released. Who is going to run out and see that movie except keeners like me who are totally into it? I want to be part of that audience, with their whooping and cheering enthusiasm for the campy action that Snakes on a Plane promises. Bring it on! Poor Kate, ever since she heard about the movie, all she can ask is "But how do the snakes get on the plane??"

I have not seen the original Superman movies since I was a kid. Since before Christopher Reeve had his terrible, heart-breaking accident. Hell, I'd forgotten there were Superman movies beyond I and II (though I'm pretty sure I saw the one with Richard Pryor in it when it came out). I have no sentimental fondness for Margot Kidder as Lois Lane but young, hale Christopher Reeve is Superman to me, no questions. As the opening credits rolled and the Superman theme started to play, I got choked up, the way I get choked up sometimes hearing the national anthem or Christmas songs. I didn't expect that reaction from myself. Just goes to show, I am still a big, sentimental sap. So sue me.

I've got little to say about the plot of the movie itself. Any comment I might make has already been said elsewhere anyway. What I will say is that Brandon Routh is an excellent Superman. He is an Alex Ross painting come to life. (I suppose if you're an Alex Ross hater that's not going to sell you but I'm an Alex Ross lover and I mean it as a positive.) The torch has been passed. Routh owns the role now. Long live Superman!


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Blogger Toren Q Atkinson Says:

I recently watched the C. Reeve Superman and that music gets me too! Everything before the Earth-spinning stuff in the original movie is really quite well done.


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