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Salty's Brunch

Yesterday we went to Salty's on Alki Beach for brunch. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and we'd wanted to go for Chris's birthday but his birthday coincided with Father's Day this year and the brunch was booked up. We hadn't been back to Salty's since last year's jaunt with Bruce and Tim, but everything was remarkably the same, down to the pleasant view and excellent weather.

I've posted photos of the food and whatnot at my Flickr page.

After stuffing ourselves, we took a short walk in the sun. Kate roamed the shore, collecting pebbles and whatnot, while Chris and I stuck to the sidewalk and talked. The view was lovely, the weather gorgeous. We were careful not to walk too far, though. Last time we were out we got carried away with the group and walked for freaking miles without sun screen or water or even decent shoes and paid the price for our folly later. This time we only walked as far as the first near-by pier, where we saw a family fishing for crabs. After two of their crab traps came up empty, everyone on the dock cheered and gathered around when they pulled up a trap with a big crab (and an even bigger starfish) in it.

After our walk, I dropped Chris at home where he had (as always) more work to do. Kate and I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon downtown, shopping and generally being girly. Kate is a great fashion consultant and helped me take advantage of some great sales down at Macy's. Of all the clothes I tried on, I ended up buying most of the deals Kate found. She's got good taste! We finally rolled back home on the bus about 9:00pm. Exhausted, I fell sound asleep not long after and slept hard and through the night. I didn't even wake up when kids were setting off fire crackers in the park next to our house at 2:00am.


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