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The Summer Switch

It's as if someone out there flipped the big switch and turned on summer. Last week temps were in the 60s and it was cloudy and a bit rainy. This week: 90s and sweltering, with heat advisories and air stagnation warnings.

This week is Origins week for most of Green Ronin. For the first time in years, I will not be at Origins. This week is also the first full week of Kate's summer vacation and one of only two weeks of summer I get to spend with her, as she will be with her dad in Canada for all of July and 3 weeks of August. I have resolved to spend this time with Kate instead of with gamers, though I do miss seeing the rest of Team Ronin.

My plan today is to finally go buy myself a new bicycle. Kate got a great new bike from her grandparents this Christmas, and we could actually do a little biking together before she leaves for Canada. Tomorrow I'm taking her to the zoo where she'll be showing off her hard earned zoo knowledge to some friends. If it continues to be sweltering hot in our unairconditioned house, we'll probably use the excuse to go to the movies. Mmm, air conditioning and pop corn... This weekend is Seafair, and (if the invitation still stands) possibly a day at the zoo for one of the Zootunes concerts with friends who have tickets.

Every year I think about doing things to fully enjoy summer in Seattle and most years I end up doing nothing. Not this year. I'm determined. Buying a bike. Getting out to the peninsula. Taking the ferry to one of the islands, just for the hell of it. Getting out to just take some pictures. Maybe I'll go celebrate Bastille Day (cue Rush). Maybe I'll hit Bite of Seattle or Bumbershoot or The Capitol Hill Block Party or catch some Shakespeare in the park at the Outdoor Theatre Festival this year.

Who knew that the International District holds a summer festival (sponsored by, get this, McDonald's!)and karaoke contest? Or that Seattle Peace Concerts has been putting on free summer concerts in the parks for 26 years? Or that there is a Pioneer Square Fire Festival, which originally commemorated the Great Seattle Fire of 1889. Closer to home, the Columbia City Cabaret is new and improved.

Summer is too short, but the days are long and sweet in Seattle and I'm going to take advantage of that.


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