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Midwest Wedding

I managed to sneak in a viewing of The Call of Cthulhu this afternoon at SIFF. The film is only 47 minutes long, shot in a black and white "period" effect. SIFF was pairing it with two shorts in a broadly similar vein. Director Andrew Leman was on hand for a Q&A afterward. It was interesting spotting the Mythos geeks vs. the film geeks in the audience. One poor woman clearly had no idea what she'd just seen and was terribly confused about "this cult" that was also appearing in another Mythos movie that's in production (the confusingly titled Cthulhu, with Tori Spelling).

Now, it's time to grab my carry on bag and head back out into the rain to the airport. I'm off to Minnesota for the weekend for my step-brother's wedding. It's supposed to be 85 and sunny while I'm there and it will be a welcome change from the wet weather we've been having here, let me tell you.

I won't have 'net access while I'm away. Be good while I'm gone!


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I'm so glad you got to see Call of Cthulhu. John and I caught it at the Lovecraft Film Festival last year and really enjoyed it. The style reminds me of director Guy Maddin's films, with its simulated 1920s camerawork and period costumes, sets, and even special effects.

Some trivia that might be of interest: The director and writer are the creative minds behind those nifty Retro-grams we used for our wedding (www.retro-gram.com).



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