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Lemming Moment

Was out of the house/office running around for almost 12 hours today. Kate missed her bus, so I snagged the Flexcar to take her to school and went about my business running personal and professional errands for the rest of the day. Was home for about an hour to pick up some mail orders that I needed to send out and spread around yet more mulch (in an effort to fend off the accursed Home Owners' Association and their vague complaints about the state of my yard). Chris was out tonight, so Kate and I celebrated "Girls Night" by going bowling. Bowled two games. Kate beat me fair and square (but for her use of the bumpers, I suppose) in the second game.

Anyway, now I'm home, tired and sore and ready to fall asleep at the keyboard. No energy to blog anything of more substance. Instead, some quiz results:

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?
this quiz was made by Lori Fury


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