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The Good Life

I'm making excellent progress on my goals for the summer!

I've begun ruthlessly booking my social calendar. I was able to get tickets to Bumbershoot at a 40% discount by signing up for their "fan club". If you're in Seattle and intend to go to Bumbershoot, it's definitely worthwhile to sign up and buy your tickets now. I also goofed and booked myself to go to their pre-festival literary event (with David Eggers, Sarah Vowel and Lemony Snicket)...goofed in that I had forgotten I'd wanted to go see Radio Birdman with Pramas that same night. Oh well, I'll have fun either way. I've never been to Bumbershoot, despite having been in Seattle proper for a decade now, and I'd always thought of it as mostly a music festival and general crapshoot, but this year there are a bunch of non-music things going on: the Rat City Rollergirls are hosting a roller derby invitational; 1 Reel is holding a Screenwriter's Salon in addition to the film festival itself; there's a spate of literary programming in addition to all the artsy-craftsy/music stuff I always heard about. Oh, and The Epoxies are playing. Woohoo!

The fine fellows at Bikeworks in Columbia City are working away to clean up and refurbish a great purple and black Diamondback mountain bike-style bicycle for me. I expect to be able to pick it up next Friday. They were very helpful in getting me fitted, talking with me about what style of bike would be right for the kind of riding I expect to do, and so on. Just what I wanted, and I didn't have to spend $1000 to get it. Woohoo x2!

After we get Kate off to Canada, I'm having the people from Trashbusters come and take away all the things that we've accumulated over the years that can't be disposed of in other ways. Inspired by my friend JD's ongoing quest to simplify his life and rid himself of accumulated collections that no longer bring him satisfaction, I'm going to be Freecycling, E-Baying, and out right tossing this summer. Feels good.

I also got Bonnie the bunny in to see the vet for a general check-up and health certificate so she can travel across the border and spend the summer with Kate in Canada. Our vet is good and is very familiar with rabbits. I met another rabbit owner while sitting in the waiting room and made chit chat. Bonnie is healthy and the staff cooed over her quite a lot. Her molars are a bit mis-aligned (a malocclusion) and we'll have to watch that, but they're not currently causing any visible problems and the vet felt that an annual check of them ought to suffice. We also had her microchip put in (came with her adoption). When I brought up her behavior issues (the strange nipping, the charging around our feet and territorial behavior) he immediately asked if she'd been spayed. We told him that's what we'd been told when we adopted her. He examined her and they shaved her belly to look for a spay scar, but couldn't find anything... I called the animal shelter when we got home and asked them to double-check their records and they definitely have her listed as "altered". The vet suggested that we just watch her behavior for the time being, so that's what we're doing. She was very sweet at the vet's office and afterward. So strange, this bunny.


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