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Catch Up

Whew, the last week has been a blur.

Last week Kate and I had Zoomazium events, one right after the other. Donor's night, Member Preview Day, and then the Grand Opening. Kate missed school for some of it and had to be on site in her Zookids uniform. She got to meet the mayor, was interviewed for the radio, and made a short appearance on tv when the kids all entered the Zoomazium after the "ribbon" cutting ceremony.

We left straight from the Zoomazium opening to drive to Mayne Island, British Columbia where Kate and I spent the weekend with other mom friends and their kids at a cottage belonging to friends. I'd never been to Mayne Island before and it was gorgeous.

Yesterday was a day to catch up a bit. Kate leaves for four days at camp with her class today, and then she's at her dad's over the long weekend. In two weeks I leave for my step-brother's wedding and then it's JUNE already. I can't get over how time is flying by. I find myself wishing I could just go back to Mayne Island for another week! Alas, it is not to be.

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