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Let the Festivities Begin

Events for the great Tynes-Scott wedding of 2006 are underway, culiminating last night with his and hers bachelor(ette) parties that eventually merged into one at Chez Pominger. Since I come to the party from the groom's side, this was a delightful chance for me to get to know the bride's seemingly endless stream of sisters and out-of-town-friends, as well as the wives of some of the groomsmen. What a kick!

Photographic proof I was there. I have it on good authority that the girls had a better time, if such things are possible to compare.

Today Kate hopes to meet Magda and Natalie, the other ten-year-olds slated for junior usher duty. I look forward to meeting the extended Tynes clan and other out-of-towners after all these years.


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