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Grandma Update

Have received news that's 100% better than I expected. Grandma is conscious, can move her left side a bit (originally they'd thought it was paralyzed), can respond to commands ("Squeeze my hand."), understands she's in the hospital. She asked for her glasses, but hasn't yet asked for her teeth. When she asks for her teeth, that'll be a sign. Heh.

A third CAT scan has been done but we haven't heard the results yet. It seems likely, though, that the clot-busting drugs are doing their thing and have relieved the pressure on her brain so we can see this improvement.

My mother is in a much better frame of mind today than she was Tuesday night, to my great relief. Though grandma is still in ICU, she's doing much better than any of us had reason to expect. Some level of recovery is even being considered, which is definitely not where she was when I talked to the ICU nurse yesterday morning.

Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. It means the world to me.


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Blogger Brian Says:

Glad to hear the positive update, and hope things continue to improve.


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