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Bunny Love

Kate staged this photo last night. I love it!

Bonnie has turned out to be the perfect pet for us. If only our whole house was really rabbit-proofed, I'd be happy to give her the run of the place. Unfortunately, we have computers and wires strung around most every room, tasty books (and their bindings) on every wall, not to mention just random assorted junk that would not be good for a curious bunny to nibble. (Bins of lead miniatures spring first to mind....)

Bonnie is very social and is happy to accept as much attention as you're willing to dish out, but is just as happy to go about her business doing her own thing when you're done. The perfect middle ground between the needy attentiveness of a dog and the aloof self-sufficiency of a cat.

I love this coy look she's giving in this picture.


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Blogger J.D. Says:

Aha! Excellent!

I'm always trying to convince Kris that we ought to get a rabbit for a pet. Tell us more! Do you have other pets? Do rabbits get along with cats? Do cats get along with rabbits? Do rabbits have personalities? Are they smartish? Do they use a litter box? Do they snuggle? Are they able to hop up on a couch? Climb stairs? If I let a rabbit outside to frolick, will it return to me? Will a rabbit bite a human? Can you carry it by its ears? Cords and books are a problem in our house, too, but what about furniture? Will rabbits eat furniture? Gnaw on doors? Tell me more! Write a whole goddamn rabbit-rearing guide, please.

(I'm dead serious, too.)


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