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I would very much like to know how the Puget Sound Energy calculates that I used MORE gas in December 2005 than I did in December 2004. In December 2004 we did not travel for the holidays and so were home, presumably going about our daily business of cooking, washing clothes and dishes, and heating the house to its usual levels. In December 2005 we were away for 15 days, during which time the thermometer for the house was set to 50 degrees, and no cooking, showering, clothes or dishwashing took place. Yet I used MORE gas? It just doesn't seem likely.


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Blogger Rona Says:

Hey Nic!

I had that problem once, where it seemed that the bill was totally off. They said that they just used an estimate of the meter reading based on your "normal" usage. So, I would suggest calling them and have them do a physical meter reading and adjust the bill accordingly.

I hope that helps!



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