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As chilly darkness descends once again, I find myself introspective, ponderous, and perhaps just a bit nostalgic. I find myself yearning for to simplify my life.

It is not uncommon for me to get this way in the fall and winter. My birthday rolls around, then the holidays loaded with their intense memories of things good and bad from years past. We make ready to turn the calendar and mark a new year. Conventions and travel are done for a few months and big projects may be underway but they're in the background, waiting to be unveiled in the spring or summer.

This year as I take stock, I realize that I feel burdened by many things. Actual things. Shelves overflowing with books and games, many of which I'll never open let alone use. Boxes upon boxes of material items I've been holding onto, "just in case." (Someday I might use those things!) Worst it's the things that are really completely useless to me that I've just not had the mental fortitude to attack and resolve, like the carcasses of no fewer than 7 old computers I have tucked away in closets, in the garage, under my desk... or the car I've been hanging onto because I was so sure I'd "get around to" forcing a settlement out of the construction company responsible for my little car's untimely demise. These things have become burdens and I want and need to unshackle myself.

Inspired by JD's recent Great Book Purge I'm inclined to try something similar.

Of course, none of this has stopped me from both digging out some old needlework projects (materials dating back over ten years) and acquiring an acoustic guitar (scavenged from Jenny's would-be charity donations box) in the interest of improving myself through new (or renewed) hobbies...


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Blogger Alan Kellogg Says:

Down here the local science fiction Meetup group has book exchanges three times a year. You might want to institute a 'game exchange' in the Seattle area. Every so often during the year folks get together to exchange games. Pass on games they haven't played, or played in awhile, and pick up games they haven't yet tried. Ask people in your circle of friends and see what they say.


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