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Made it to England safely, but managed to forget to leave my mother my contact information or the medical release form for Kate's school, for starters. Rushed out of the house to catch Shuttle Express in the still dark morning, barely having enough time to zip my garment bag. I nearly forgot to leave my mom the keys to the house in my hurry! The flights were non-eventful, thank goodness, but I wasn't able to get any serious sleep on the flight and so arrived quite exhausted and jet-lagged. I've managed to mostly right myself and get on schedule, definitely doing better than Pramas and Dr. Evil. Good meetings; lots of new faces, lots of familiar faces, much to go over. Grabbed the German power converter instead of the UK converter, but one of BI's US employees helped me out by loaning me his, or I'd be out of luck.

Fatigued tonight, so no going out for me but that coffee I had after dinner isn't helping me sleep. Itching to call my mom and check on Kate, but am afraid of ending up with a $50 phone call.

Home on Friday.


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Anonymous Kara Says:

If you read this, tell Rob that Barony is in his inbox. I didn't know he was in England this week or I'd have emailed it to him on Sunday. :p

I was worried that he wasn't responding. Oh well. Hope you all have a great week.



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