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I need a new hobby

I was going to post a GenCon SoCal update, but mostly I just worked the booth or ran games, ate dinner and went to bed every night. I may get into a rant about people who piss me off (because really, when don't people piss me off?) but that will have to wait until the weekend.

However, it's come to my attention that I need a new hobby. Something that doesn't involve games, gamers, or gaming. Knitting or other needlework? Cheese-, beer-, or wine-making? Biking, hiking, running, kayaking? I have no freakin' idea, but I'm going to find a new hobby and I'm going to start doing it. Feel free to suggest hobbies for me to consider!

Meanwhile, for lack of time or inclination to write anything of substance, I've posted AOL's recent "Thanksgiving Dishes by Star Sign" results for me, which were impressively accurate. Click here if you're anything other than a Scorpio. Pass the red wine and stuffing! (Did I mention I'm on duty to bring the stuffing for tomorrow's dinner at Chez Pominger? Ha!)

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Pecan Stuffing & Fig-Walnut Salad
When you invite passionate Scorpios to dinner, be prepared to serve an excellent meal. They strive for perfection and will expect the same from you. Serve them plenty of rich red wine... and then be prepared, because they will tell you exactly what they think. When they say they loved your meal, you will know it is the truth. Serve them Pecan Stuffing and Fig-Walnut Salad to appeal to their mysterious side.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

A new hobby, eh?

I think it's time for you to take the plunge into Civil War Re-enacting.

Happy Thanksgiving!
--Christopher McG.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I am so glad I wasn't drinking, Christopher. Would have had to clean my monitor after picturing Nicole in a damnyankee uniform. :)

Nicole, you may well be on the right track. Bonsai gardening, perhaps?

Steve Nicewarner

Anonymous Kara Says:

I really enjoy sewing, when I have time to do it. I'm still very much a novice, but it's fun.

I'm also usually immersed in MMORPGs like Dark Age of Camelot or World of Warcraft. Yes, it's gaming, but it's a wholly different kind of gaming. It's social, you can play with your friends, and you get some sense of accomplishment (virtual though it may be.) And there's no little plastic arms and legs laying all over your living room floor to get stuck in your foot or the vacuum.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I think you should take up magic as your new hobby. You can make bunnies appear out of hats, carry around a magic wand, and find quarters behind kids' ears. It is a hobby that would be endlessly useful at parties, especially if you turn water into wine, make dirty dishes disappear, and saw unwelcome guests in half.

If, however, you should choose a more mundane hobby, please let me know right away. I recently decided to end a few stagnating hobbies and have a pile of accoutrements that are Goodwill-bound this very week. A decent acoustic guitar could be yours for the low, low price of free. As could a box of yarn, quantity of knitting needles in assorted sizes, and introductory knitting lesson. By the season's first snow, you could have a cozy handknitted hat to don for your first public performance of "Michael, Row the Boat Ashore." Think it over.

I also highly recommend two hobbies I'm not giving up: Working out and watching all of the best movies of all time ever. Both are relatively inexpensive, are neither excessively time-consuming nor dangerous, and are both salutary and easy to do in the comfort of your own home.


Blogger David Says:

Jen's been crocheting lately. I suppose any busy activity that keeps your hands from wrapping around someone's neck is a good 'n.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

good for you choosing a new hobby which is NOT a gaming hobby. I am also currently trying to find a new hobby for the rainy months to come. A self-professed serial hobbyist, who hates the idea of tv or vide games OR computer gaming being considered a hobby. ( Wife of World of Warcraft addict) hmmm...well, I just heard a new one I haven't tried yet- silk screening, Get a great little starter kit at www.dharmatradingcompany.com (i think that's the right address) and If all goes well, you can sell your beautiful goods this summer to tourists on the beach. Well, thats only one of my ideas Ive got several more if your interrested. marylou_4@yahoo.com
Ciao! and happy hobbying.


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