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Birthday Not-so-niceness

On my way out to renew my driver's license today I discovered that someone broke into the remains of our car and in addition to ripping out the lock and breaking the window (why both, wouldn't one or the other have been sufficient?) they stole my CD player. This is the same car that the fire-setting hooligans were shooting golf balls at earlier this summer, until Pramas chased them off. The car has been parked beside our garage since it was disabled in the encounter with the unmarked road construction in our neighborhood, for which I was never compensated because the city put it off on the housing authority who put it off on the construction company who put it off on their unnamed sub-contractor, and round and round we go.


I guess I'd better take care of this before the home owner's association catches whiff of it and figures out a reason to fine us for it on top of everything else.


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