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This Blog SUCKS!

Wow, fat lot of nothing around here lately, eh? Yeah, I know. I hate it, too. And the sad thing is, it's not going to change for another little while. What's up?

1) Mutants & Masterminds 2E launched. It's the biggest product launch in the history of our company and it blew our socks off. It's seriously reminding me of the days and the frenzy around Death in Freeport, except it has all the additional baggage of rabid, eager (and sometimes incredibly rude and demanding) long-time fans to go along with it.

2) My Palm destroyed itself on a Monday and my hard drive took an unexcused vacation on a Tuesday. I'm still barely up and running, though my data is safe and backed-up it's not all accessible. The hard drive was only two months old and was the final part in my plan to move all of my day to day GR activities from Mac to PC.

3) Our wireless network keeps cutting out for no good reason that anyone can tell. I've rejigged this network at least a dozen times since this spring and it's enough to make me scream. In fact, I have screamed in frustration over this thing more than once.

4) I leave for a week in England in the morning. All work, little play. Am hoping to see JW if he can make it to Nottingham, because I'm not going to be able to make it to London. I'm also flying home just as GenCon UK starts, so I'll be missing that.

5) I haven't packed yet, but I think I know where my passport is.

6) My mom is here for the next week to watch Kate for me. She brought her kitten, a GORGEOUS blue-eyed, long haired Siamese. I'm in love (and Kate is in heaven). It's the kitten of my dreams, I'm SO envious.

7) I'm caught up on both invoices and laundry. Kate has a Halloween costume, the house has candy. FOrgot pumpkins. Put some beef in the freezer in satay marinade, Belgian beer marinade, and froze two roasts. There's food in the house to feed an army, and my mom brought her own cooler of food from home. No one shall starve in my absence.

8) When I was driving around on errands today, it was a glorious autumn evening. Not the glowy, sunny kind of days, but one of those pre-storm, early-darkening days. Partly cloudy skies were giving way to tall, dark clouds rolling in while the wind shook the leaves from the trees. The wind sent dry leaves flying, hovering, scattering just over the ground, breaking against trees and cars and houses like river water over rocks. Clouds billowed, dark grey, threatening rain but not yet making good. It was fantastic and I didn't mind being out in it. In fact, I reveled.


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Don't you mean "This Blog 5uXX0RZ!"...?

Happy Halloween.


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