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Things Overheard

Inspired by Pramas's Seen and Heard on a Thursday Night post, I've written up my own version: Heard in the Hair Salon.

I got my hair cut this week, and in a chair a few down from me an older woman was seated out of my line of sight. I could see her stylist in the mirror, walking around the chair, but could not see the woman she was working on. By voice, the woman sounded my grandmother's age, 70-ish. The stylist was working hard at the request that she be made to "look 35."

Single, with two 40-something children (also single), she had started going back to church in the last year and was preparing to go on a retreat with the church group. When pressed by the stylist about her love life, our patron admitted that there was no one. "Have you tried the internet? We need to find you someone nice," offered the stylist.

"Oh, I don't know. I barely know how to send e-mail. These internets are complicated! I have AOL, but I might get something else. I get a lot of junk mail."

"Do you visit websites?"

"Websites? Not really. A little."

"Well some websites track who is using them and send e-mail to people," says our stylist/tech consultant.

"I was getting a lot of junk mail. I started just clicking 'report spam, report spam, report spam' and it seems like I'm getting less now. I don't know why... it's like they can see what you're doing!" "They can't see what you're doing, can they?"

"Not unless you have a webcam. Do you have a webcam?"

"No, I don't have a webcam. But I have speakers... can they hear me through my speakers?"

"No, not unless you have a microphone."

"Oh. Ok. I don't have a microphone."

They then veered off into discussing whether to crush her prescription medicine ("My friend said that if I crushed it up, it would work faster and last longer") or take it whole. Our stylist/tech consultant advised her client to talk to her pharmacist before doing anything silly with her medication. "Unless your friend is a pharmacist...is she a pharmacist." "Oh, I don't know if she's a pharmacist or not..."

Me, I'm quiet when I get my hair cut, thanks.


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Oh golly yes, these internets are definitely complicated. LOL :)


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