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My Palm died!

Ack! I went to pull it out of the cradle to use it and it smells vaguely of burnt plastic. Dead, dead, dead.

Pardon the freak out, but my Palm is crucial to the way I organize my life. Trying to function without it, I feel like I have brain damage.

MUST be sorted out before we fly to England at the end of the month.


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Blogger Anthony Roberson Says:

What model Palm do you have. I own several and if I have the same model, I would be happy to send you a used (but working) one.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Wow, Anthony, that's really generous of you to offer. I've never left a Palm in working condition. Run 'em into the ground, I do.

My dearly departed was an i705. I'll be interested to hear if you've used that one, since I've never actually met another i705 user! Seems most of my friends went from the V or VII to the Tungstens and Treos...

I stepped up into the i705 from a Palm III and it was good for almost 4 years, but I was never able to use its wireless functions. Probably could have gotten by with a cheaper little Zire or something. Though I did dig the expansion slot. That was a big improvement from my III.

I'll stop geeking out about my PDA now...

Blogger Jeff Tidball Says:

I've got a Palm m130 that I never, ever use. If Anthony can't give you a hand, you're welcome to mine. It would be worth it simply for someone to be using it.


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