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Could I catch a frickin' break please?!


So yesterday it was my Palm self-immolating.

Tonight, it's my desktop machine (that's the one I put the new hard drive into during convention season, for those keeping score) just frickin' up and quit. Can't start it, can't boot from the Windows XP CD, can't even boot from the Norton Systemworks CD.

Micky fricky technology. Damn it all, I have things I need to do!


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Blogger Evan Says:

Sounds like your power supply may have burned out. I think I'm all out of spare power supplies but new ones are relatively cheap and relatively easy to install. That might not be it, though. You might try calling Computer Stop or Fry's or some place like that (not sure what's available in the South End any more, but there should be a shop near Southcenter) and see if they will diagnose your dead box for free to see what part went kaplooie. Or maybe Tim or Ray or someone else can set you up with a working (and installed) power supply.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

I don't think it's the power supply, The machine can't read the C drive, but happily tells me to CTRL-ALT-DELETE to restart over and over agian, so *something* is working.

I just threw the HD into one of the old husks we had in Kate's closet to see if the HD works in that machine, and couldn't get it to boot. Bastard thing.

Blogger Evan Says:

Oh, poop. Yeah, you wouldn't get any action out of it at all (except maybe some stinky smoke) if the PS were kaput.

Now it's sounding like the hard drive. Did it give the same ctrl-alt-del rigamarole in the other case?

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Nope, it beeped unhappily and didn't even start up. Then again, that husk wasn't exactly cutting edge... it's a Pentium2 that was deemed not even suitable for Kate to play games on. :) Not even sure it's viable, but putting the HD into it gave me something to do instead of pulling my hair and screaming.

Blogger Evan Says:

I just sold my only good PC, so I don't have a good test box in the pile o' PCs in the garage.

Would Kate let you try it out in her gaming PC? :)

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Since I bought the HD at Fry's on August 15th, I'm going to take it down to them and see if they can make it work.

The good news is that aside from the unanswered custserv e-mails that I have no access to (and a few personal items like the iTunes tunes I bought over the last week or two...like that Liz album I hadn't fully listened to) I was pretty well backed up. E-mail is the only thing that's killing me, because between that and my Palm going a day apart, all my contact info is kaput again. Company financial records should be safe, except for whatever I'd done that day and hadn't yet backed up. If all is lost, I should just take a beating by fans angry about my poor customer services (see the current RPG.net thread) but not suffer any serious losses.

What is it with technology and me? The network, the Mac, the PCs, my Palm, all acting up/dying/getting wonky all at the same time. It's maddening.


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