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Lazy and Productive

Is that possible?

I started the morning by making a lemon-huckleberry coffee cake, using wild huckleberries from last week's farmer's market and based off a Cooking Light recipe for a blueberry coffee cake. Yummy!

The rest of the day was largely a lazy day watching TV with the Katester (she got me hooked on this kid-reality series on Discovery Kids called Endurance and there was a marathon today in preparation for the new season, plus a couple episodes of Monk on the TiVo. Kate loves Monk.) but I managed to kick it into gear later in the afternoon. I put the family to work cleaning up the living room that Kate and her little friends had turned into a disaster area of epic proportions. We sorted stray belongings into three boxes, so each person can be responsible for putting their stuff away, picked up stray laundry, folded blankets that had been used as tents, cleared out all sorts of crap left over from various of Kate's "art" projects, and we can now see the furniture and the floor again! Hooray.

Then I started in on the kitchen, made Kate take out the recycling, and I even scrounged up a halfway decent dinner (basmati rice, steamed fresh brocoli with mornay sauce, and some fried ham). Not bad.


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