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He loves me

Coming home from Wargame Wednesday, he brought me a big box of tissues and some Robitussin-CF. He told me earlier today that it's not listening to me cough that gets to him, it's the little pitiful noise I can't help making at the end of a coughing fit.

Even though I spent the day feeling winded if I had to walk up and down the stairs and fatigued after a simple phone conversation, I'm feeling like I'm turning the corner on this thing. I've been susceptible since my bout of pneumonia after GenCon a couple of years ago, it's the coughing that wears me out more than anything.

Kate was complaining of congestion and headache tonight, even as I'm feeling slightly improved (or maybe it's just the drugs kicking in). Poor kid, I hope she doesn't get it as bad as I've had it.

I was good for very little tonight, but I did manage to get the sound working on the computer I inherited from our friend John, and fired up some Balder's Gate to pass the time. I never did finish Baldur's Gate, but enjoyed it a lot while I was playing it back in the day. Are there any good PC games like Baldur's Gate out there right now? Playing Nancy Drew mysteries with Kate just isn't cutting it...


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Anonymous Ray Says:

You want to play NEVERWINTER NIGHTS -- better than BALDUR'S.

Blogger Evan Says:

What Ray said. If I had a PC or if I actually enjoyed playing in multiplayer mode, I'd say we should play online. But since I don't, I can at least give you NWN. I also have Freedom Force, which I was never able to get to work, but you might be able to. I hear it's a blast.

Blogger John Says:

also try Heretic Kingdoms it's a nice diablo clone. Playing it right now and really enjoying it.

Blogger Joshua BishopRoby Says:

I cannot recommend the Morrowind games too strongly. Beware, however -- addictive!


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