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My family is not so great at the communication thing. Tonight I called my dad for the first time in many months, since convention season is nearly over and we haven't talked since before the Osseum thing blew up. My Minnesota relatives missed all the drama.

Turns out that in that time my youngest step-brother has finally moved out of the house, bought a condo, and is engaged to be married and my step-mom completely shattered her leg in a golf incident and after a three-hour surgery and metal plates holding both bones in place she's going to be in a cast and putting no pressure on her leg for the next three months!

Looks like missed drama goes both ways...

Heard second hand from my mom that my brother graduated with honors this summer and was indeed accepted into med school in Portland. Apparently he and his wife have also moved, though no one has his address now. I expect it will take months for us to uncover his precise whereabouts.


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