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Nice kids, weird hair

First, read this post from Pramas, who scooped me out of my blog entry.

I wrote about McDermott making his surprise appearance at the Rock Against Bush show last September. While I feel pushed aside, ignored, and actively wronged by yahoos in the Federal Government like Tom DeLay, good old McDermott is out there picking up the mantle of "most liberal" where dearly-departed fellow Minnesotan Paul Wellstone left off.

I LOVE it that my congressman is commenting on (and commending by name) punks with names like Justin Sane and Pat Thetic! He acknowledges we exist, despite wacky names and weird hair, where others would (and do) just go along pretending that what they don't like will just cease to exist. Good for you, McDermott! Keep sticking it in the eye of those guys who think that winning an election means they own the whole damn world.


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