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Sky Captain

Had a night out last night with the family. Took the opportunity to try the family-friendly Mexican restaurant that opened over the summer where the more upscale Deux Tamales used to be. Used to be that Kate was the only kid dragged into Duex Tamales, but El Sombrero lives up to its billing and was packed with families by the time we finished. The food was great, a pleasant bonus.

Watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow at the local newly-restored cinema in Columbia City. Chris and I haven't been to that theater since they were doing fund raiser showings in an empty room on a sheet, with seats of mis-matched benches and chairs. They've turned it into a fully operational theater now, appropriately retro in feel and perfect for Sky Captain.

Kate recognized it as being "like Indiana Jones" though she, like her mom, still prefers Harrison Ford as leading man.


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