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No Vote Left Behind">No Vote Left Behind

Unbelievably, Chris and I have now gone to shows two weekends in a row. This never happens, but the Rock Against Bush guys and the No Vote Left Behind crowd have pulled out some really great bands that couldn't be missed.

This time it was Pansy Division, Kinski, The Avengers, and Seattle grunge favorites Mudhoney. As you might imagine, it was quite the diverse crowd.

Pansy Division opened the show and I was totally into it, but wow were there a lot of guys in the crows who just didn't know what to think about songs like Cocksucker's Club or Dick of Death. Then Chris Freeman, all 6'5" 165lbs of him, did a quick changed out of his Dick's Drive In into a slinky black slip and feather boa. They rocked out, playing The Summer You Let Your Hair Grow Out, Political Asshole, Fem in a Black Leather Jacket, and I'm Gonna Be a Slut as well as some selections from their new album. We were off to a good start!

Next up was Kinski, which Chris had seen opening for Mission of Burma earlier this year. They had a very Sonic Youth thing going on and I was really into it. Totally different from Pansy Division, they were like four musicians on stage at the same time all doing their own thing. Not a particularly interesting band to watch, as they were all very much into their own thing (and half the time weren't even facing the audience while they played) but I loved the wave of sound they created. Very solid, very interesting musically, I enjoyed them quite a bit.

Next up were the Avengers. Chris was all about seeing the Avengers and bounded down to the front at this point. Back in the day, young Penelope Houston was every punk boy's dream, totally cute, writing kickass songs. Penelope did not disappoint. They played a good selection of their hits, though they played a series of B-sides that I wasn't familiar with. The Amerikan in Me, Car Crash, White Nigger, We Are The One, and Paint It Black were great. Would have liked to hear I Believe In Me (played the hell out of that song when I was getting divorced) or Fuck You, but it was still quite satisfactory.

By this time it was getting fairly late, and comicDavid Cross was slated to appear before Mudhoney. We got to see about 40 minutes of his routine before we had to leave in order to catch the last bus home from downtown. He was funny enough, if a little scattered. He complained that he'd gotten off the plane ony to have "six shots" poured down him backstage; people laughed but I don't think he was lying. Anyway, I'd certainly consider going to see a full routine of his at some point in the future.

Needless to say, we didn't get to hear one note of Mudhoney, but that's ok. I was never a huge Mudhoney fan, and Chris feels they peaked with their first single.

The one drawback of the diverse crowd was that the yuppies who planted themselves behind us were utterly uninterested in anything but drinking and seeing Mudhoney (Chris and I suspect they work with Mark Arm in some cube farm somewhere, as they perked up and started yelling that they wanted to have Mark's love child when he was setting up). One woman was so loud, blabbing away during the rest of the show, that at some points she was actually drowning out the music! I could hear them shouting obnoxiously to each other even though I was wearing ear plugs! Do you know how loud and obnoxious you have to be to drown out a band? God, so annoying. Still, I refrained from punching any of them in the back of the head, yay me.

Tonight Chris is going to yet another show, as The Ex are playing in Seattle. It's music madness here, I swear. I will be picking Kate up from her dad's and going straight to bed. I've been feeling crappy since I got back from Vegas and really shouldn't have gone out last night but forced myself to do so since we had the tickets. Today I suffer for my decisions, but it was worth it.

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On 9/26/04
At 11:44 AM
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