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Driving Fool

I've always been something of a driving fool. Hitting my driving years in rural Minnesota, I thought nothing of driving 45 minutes to go see a movie or driving all over creation just because I had nothing better to do. In my final year of high school, I was taking two classes at the high school, then driving for an hour to take a full load of classes at the nearest community college for dual credit through Minnesota's Post-Secondary Options program. As a young twenty-something, I thought nothing of a 24-hour drive to get myself back and forth from Georgia to Minnesota. I drove with a friend to my first GAMA Trade Show at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, then drove solo from Las Vegas, up the coast to Portland and back to Minnesota.

I haven't been on a haul-ass multi-day drive in many years. Monday morning, I woke at 4am for no good reason, and spent the morning burning mixed CDs from iTunes songs for the drive since I couldn't sleep. After loading the car, Chris and I hopped to it and I drove us all the way to Sacramento before having to stop for the night. Woohoo, I still have it! NO denying that I'm far more sore and tired than I would have been ten years ago, but it's nice to know I can still pull off a major driving stunt when necessary.

We arrived in lovely San Diego by mid-afternoon, no problem. A mere final leg of 500 miles, ha! Comic Con officially starts tomorrow, but tonight is "Preview Night" which means we're going to have to set up our booth and be there ready to work for two or three hours tonight, starting about 5:30pm. San Diego is a beautiful city and I've thoroughly enjoyed my trips here. The only bummer so far (aside from the $145/night hotel rooms) has been the additional parking fee the hotel charges. That cost me $100! Shit.


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Blogger Spike Y Jones Says:

Dating a girl living 500 miles away will do that for you too.

For me, driving *to* someplace (e.g., Columbus for Origins last month, or Cape Hatteras and then Indianapolis for GenCon next month) still isn't a problem, but the drive back after a weekend or a week of living slightly harder than usual can be difficult.


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