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Social Miracles

Went to a party at Bruce and Tim's last night. Got to see another friend from the Bay Area, Ray Greer, and meet his wife (who I'd only seen in pictures) for the first time. Unseelie made it up to the area again as well. Good people, glad they've got reasons to come up this way and visit again. Too bad we don't have occasion to get to DunDraCon these days, that used to be our ony excuse to travel to the Bay Area. Good fun was had, but most special of all was that Bruce worked his mojo and actually scheduled a social event that both Mike and Lisa Pondsmith and Chris and I were able to attend. That hasn't happened since Mike and Lisa moved up to Seattle from the Bay Area, lo these several years ago. Mike and I often joke, as we pass each other on an escalator or bump into each other at the registration desk, that we only ever see each other at conventions and never in Seattle.

I think that may change!

Kate was thrilled to be going to a party at Tim's house, as Tim is a big goof and champion rough-houser: a kid who never grew up. He did not wince at letting Kate and Cody try to learn to play pool on his pool table (too much for my nerves, I had to leave the room). Kate and Cody got along famously, and played Prince of Persia together for a good long time, taking turns trying to get past various stages of the game. They then progressed to 4-person Halo, with a couple of adults rotating in and out of the game.

Chris had been all insomniac again, so by the time we left the party he'd been up for over 20 hours straight. I was doing a little better, but Kate's passed on some sort of weird roving cold that waxes and wanes on an hourly basis. Friday I was miserable with a tight chest and chills during the day, but by evening felt fine, Saturday morning my chest was completely clear but my sinuses weren't so hot. Strange.

Bruce and Tim have nice friends.


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